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LightBay is a growth oriented, all-weather investor. We are careful to avoid a “one size fits all” approach to investing, instead applying a solutions-based mindset that focuses on what is right for each business at that moment in time, whether it is minority growth capital, a traditional LBO, or a structured investment. This allows LightBay to successfully deploy capital across all market environments.

LightBay was founded on the principles of collaboration, empowerment, and alignment of interests. We live by these principles every day – in how we manage ourselves and in how we serve our industry-leading management teams.

We are driven by a culture of continuous improvement, creative thinking, and an entrepreneurial spirit to best serve our management partners and investors.


LightBay Capital seeks to partner with growing businesses where we can draw on our sector expertise, relationships, and value creation model to bring new ideas to the boardroom.

Our partner companies are typically market leaders or innovative disruptors with strong employee engagement, high returns on invested capital, meaningful growth opportunities, and servant-minded leadership eager to accelerate growth.

While our “sweet spot” for investments is between $100 and $300 million dollars, we can scale beyond. Our hold period is dictated by each partner company’s strategy and timeline. We are particularly interested in situations where there are opportunities to make additional investments over time to support both organic or inorganic growth initiatives.


LightBay Capital works with management teams to identify and remove all constraints to growth; most commonly, access to financial capital, human capital, or world-class systems and technology.

We never let the balance sheet dictate strategy and we avoid “financial engineering,” typically over-equitizing our investments to maintain a focus on growth and optimize capital allocation. In partnership with our management teams, we focus on making the most impactful investments around people, processes, and systems to drive long-term, sustainable growth and take our partner companies to the next level. We also seek to support our companies to accelerate capital deployment during market dislocations and go on offense while competitors are playing defense.

We take pride in being great partners. Our flexible investment approach, strategic insights, and open communication allow us to build enduring relationships with our companies.

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